Dawn of Titans


Dawn of Titans is a Real-time Strategy, Combat, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game by NaturalMotionGames. The gameplay is almost the same as the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. In the game, the player can capture the various enemy towns, grow his army and try to defeat other factions to become the hero in the world.

At the start of the game, the player can select his faction from available and can do some modifications according to his gaming style. After completing the initial steps, the player gets able to jump into the game world where he will confront other players and must defeat them to win. It offers various modes, includes an online multiplayer mode, which allows the player to play against his friends to test his skills. The game offers more than thousands of troops, and the player can control each one during the war.

Dawn of Titans includes core features such as create his kingdom, powerful enemies, various gears, unique real-time battle, chat options, and more. With immersive and quite addictive gameplay, fantastic game mechanics, and excellent graphics details, Dawn of Titans is one of the best Mobile Strategy games to play and enjoy.

Last Update: 30th November 2021


How to hack Dawn of Titans:

  • Click “Continue” button above
  • Enter your username or email then click “Connect”
  • Enter how many Gems you want to add (max. 9 digits)
  • Click “Submit” and wait the process finish
  • Enjoy your free Gems

About Dawn of Titans

Lead EPIC TITANS into monumental 3D battles, featuring THOUSANDS OF TROOPS, all controlled by you. Wage WAR against other players and CAPTURE their land through the might of your army and your skill on the battlefield.

With console-quality 3D graphics and ultra-addictive gameplay, Dawn of Titans begins a new-era for Action Strategy MMO games.

– Lead your army to victory in impressive 3D battles
– Raise and train epic titans
– Wage war against players and take their land
– Build your kingdom to fuel your domination
– Forge an ultimate alliance with your friends
– Chat in real-time with other players
– Rise up through the world leagues by crushing your enemies


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