Clash of Queens


Clash of Queens is a Marvelous game by Elex Wireless and offers a combination of Action-Adventure, Strategy, Massively Multiplayer Online, RTS, and Combat elements. It is available to play on Mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS. The game takes place in a fantasy world and lets you select and customize your character to get into the game world.

It allows you to choose your path, take on the role of the Queen, or battle as a Knight to defend your Queen’s honor. In the game, you must build your base, train your troops, use defenses strategically and fight against a team of other online players. You have to raise a dragon from birth and train him to fight with your army against your foes.

The game includes the most prominent features, such as Dragon Hunting Campaign, Recruit Citizen to Build, Create your Armies, Send Resources, Power-ups, Huge Battle Arena, Queens, and Knights. The game allows you to take part in PvE and PvP combat events and fight for glory. It offers similar gameplay to Clash Royale and Clash of Kings. Clash of Queens: Light or Darkness is one of the best games as compared to other RTS and MMO games.

Last Update: 30th November 2021


How to hack Clash of Queens:

  • Click “Continue” button above
  • Enter your username or email then click “Connect”
  • Enter how many Golds you want to add (max. 9 digits)
  • Click “Submit” and wait the process finish
  • Enjoy your free Golds

About Clash of Queens

The latest MMO strategy game Clash of Queens was just launched by ELEX Wireless after their former masterpiece Clash of Kings!
In this fantasy world, Kings and Queens can compete equally for the throne, with the help of giant DRAGON and loyal CITIZEN! This is not only a game of war, a real time strategy game or MMO RPG battle game! A real interactive system lets players across the globe to chat and make friends instantly. If you like PVP game to conquer enemies with alliance or multiplayer simulation game to strengthen your kingdom in an enjoyable game scene, you can’t miss Clash of Queens!
Come and battle for the domination of the whole realm in Clash of Queens. Ally or attack with others? Marry or beat the queen? My lord, it’s up to you!

1. Millions of female players in the game from all over the world desperately need your prompt support and assistance!
2. Build your city into an unbeatable fortress – upgrade buildings and weapons to strengthen it.
3. Raise your own army of Infantry, Calvary, Archer, Mage, Dragon and other mighty fighters.
4. Discover your favorite attacking army formation.
5. Battle with players worldwide and take their resources.
6. Join together with other players to form the ultimate Alliance. Help with each other to build the most STRONGEST alliance in the Kingdom!
7. Play & chat with online players all over the world – a real-time interactive system ensure you connecting with each other with no difficulty.
8. Deck out yourself as a lord – forge legendary weapons and wear them to rise above the competition!


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